Apex Legends: Defiance Season 12, Mad Maggie, Sabotaged Olympus, Control Mode

Apex Legends Defiance -Season 12
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Apex Legends’ 12th season, Defiance, which is preparing to celebrate its third anniversary with its new season, begins on February 8, 2022.

With the new season, the new legend called Mad Maggie and the map of Olympus sabotaged by Maggie, Sabotaged Olympus, meet with the players. In addition, Apex Legends, which celebrates its third year, includes the limited-time game mode Control in the first three weeks of the new season and the rewards you will earn when you log in to the game. Let’s look at them in detail now.

Apex Legends: Defiance Gameplay Trailer
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New Legend: Mad Maggie

Maggie is no stranger to Apex Legends players. Born and raised on the planet Salvo, Margaret Kōhere‘s path crosses in childhood with a boy named Walter Fitzroy, later known as Fuse. The inseparable duo part ways when Salvo joins the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds. Fuse becomes the first name chosen for the Apex games from the planet Salvo. While Fuse joins the games in season 8, Mad Maggie, who wants Salvo’s independence, decides to sabotage Fuse’s first day of games and attacks Kings Canyon. Recruiting Bloodhound and Lifeline to put an end to attacks that inflict massive damage to the island, Fuse pursues Maggie. In the explosion, Fuse decides that Maggie is dead, although he tries to save her. The surviving Mad Maggie is caught after a while and is tried and sentenced to death. However, with the intervention of Eduardo Silva, she is saved on the condition that she participates in the Apex games.

Tactical Ability: Riot Drill

Maggie’s tactical ability is to launch a drill-like device. Many different uses are possible, such as destroying Rampart’s walls and doors. Also effective in Gibraltar’s dome shield. Clings to the dome’s wall, dealing damage to nearby players.

Passive Ability: Warlord’s Ire

Her passive can temporarily mark the enemy she damaged, and Maggie can use shotguns faster. The marking is Bloodhound style, not Seer.

Ultimate Ability: Wrecking Ball

Maggie‘nin ultimate ability ise düşmanın üzerine hızlı ve düşmanların yakınında patlayan bir top fırlatmak.

Eduardo Silva

To complete the story, you need to get to know Eduardo Silva briefly. Eduardo Silva, nicknamed Duardo, is the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and is also Octaine‘s father. He is also the creator of the 9 vs 9 Control mode that will be added to the game. Silva, childhood friend of Lifeline‘s father Darion Che, is also responsible for many attacks, including the one against Che.

Sabotaged Olympus

Apex Legends DefianceSabotaged Olympus
Image: Electronic Arts – Respawn Entertainment

Silva‘s plans for Mad Maggie are unfinished. In the first game that Mad Maggie joins, the artificial island Olympus starts a program called Defiance by hacking its systems. By teleporting the island of Olympus to a height close to the surface of the Psamathe planet, it causes many problems. Maggie, who was responsible for the Kings Canyon sabotage, is there to lay the blame.

Many locations have been moved to other locations as the Olympus map consists of floating islands connected to each other. Efforts were made to solve the problems experienced by the players on the map and to direct the players to other regions by reducing the density in the more preferred places.

By removing the outside highway connecting Hydroponics to Bonsai Plaza, a large chunk of that area has been added to the map. Phase Driver Device is also located in this region. Using this device, we make 3 gold balls appear. However, when used, a loud alarm will notify other players.

From the area between Hammond Labs (PS5 building) and Estates, Bonsai Hillside, where we crossed over to the Solar Array side, has been expanded as the Terminal, and the balloons allowing easy access from the two areas have been removed to reduce the 3rd party. Also, the area around Bonsai Plaza and Solar Array has been pushed away from the center to make room to connect the Phase Driver Devie to the Phase Runner. By connecting these regions to the Orbital Cannon, it is aimed that the Orbital Cannon does not remain isolated.

A bypass was placed as a result of players getting stuck in the tunnel located on the transition from the Turbine to the Rift. Also, the ramps that were located down the passage from Gardens to Grow Towers led directly under these towers. By adding a side passage, a ramp is placed next to the towers. The high-tiered lootboxes below the waterfall near the Labs have been moved to the outer circles of the Dock. Thus, they thought of shifting the movement in that region to the relatively less preferred parts of the map. There are many more such changes on the map.

Control Mode

Apex Legends DefianceControl Mode
Image: Electronic Arts – Respawn Entertainment

9vs9 capture the flag mode Control, developed by Eduardo Silva, will be playable in the first 3 weeks of the new season. I expect the mod, which seems to have been worked on, to be permanently added to the game in the next season – or even before – after a short trial.

2 teams of 9 people are trying to take control of 3 points on the map. The team that first reaches 1,250 points or takes control of all regions at the same time wins the game. When three points are captured by a team at the same time, the Lockout process starts and if the situation does not change during this time, the team controlling the 3 zones wins the game.

When players die, they respawn after a certain time. They can either choose from their home base or one of the points captured by the team, but the only requirement is that the captured base has a connection with the headquarters. For example, if your team’s control of point A, which is closest to your base, is under your team’s control, you can choose to respawn at that point. If point A and point B are on your team at the same time, you can also select point B, but if point B is in your team and point A is under enemy control, you cannot spawn at point B. We join the game by choosing one of the ready-made equipment options, just like in the capture the train mode, which is available at Christmas. In addition, teams can have more than one place from the same legend. So two Octaines and three Lifelines can take place in the same team.

Rating System

In Control mode, players will earn a certain Rating Point with their actions in the game -killing enemies, capturing territory, helping teammates. This point can also be used to level up your equipment and abilities. When you die, your rating will be reset.


Minimaps will be used throughout the event, covering the Hammond Labs environment on the Olmypus map and the Barometer on the Storm Point map. Many trenches, ziplines and similar game equipment have been added to the maps.

Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating its third year, Apex Legends receives 3 packs and one character gift when you log into the game in the first three weeks of the 12th season. You’ll get 3 thematic packs for Octaine the first week, Wattson the second week, and Valkyrie the third week, along with 3 thematic packs each, and a legendary pack for the last week.

You can find out more about Apex Legends: Defiance here.

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