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Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprioDon’t Look Up
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What would you do if you discovered a comet that was approaching the Earth at full speed and was about to crash into the Earth after about 6 months? You would warn everyone and try to find a solution to this, wouldn’t you?

This is usually the case in the science fiction we’re used to. There is a danger that will destroy the Earth, and a hero or heroes who usually do not listen but dominate the subject and save all humanity. However, things go a little differently in Don’t Look Up, which is written and directed by Adam McKay (with the story David Sirota) and whose cast is almost a parade of stars. I’m not exaggerating when I say parade of stars. Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi and many more. Frankly, this situation scared me a little, but I must say in advance that I really liked Don’t Look Up.

On a typical day, graduate student Kate Dibiasky, while doing her usual business, discovers a comet. Then, with the inclusion of professor Dr Randall Mindy, the team begins to celebrate and is shocked at their comfort as they calculate the comet’s route. The comet, which would later be named Dibiasky, will crash into the Earth after exactly 6 months and 14 days. In terms of its dimensions, there is no possibility that it will not destroy humanity.

Don’t Look Up – Official Trailer
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Taking action immediately, the two scientists are immediately taken to the White House by military plane, as in the apocalyptic movies we are used to. Everyone, including the American president, gets alarmed and… No, it doesn’t. Our scientists, who managed to meet with the president after a one-day delay, did not get the answers they expected. There is an upcoming congressional election, and the comet can wait a bit. Dr Randall and Kate find the answer to the press, but what they get is nothing. Moreover, they have lost their credibility by disgracing themselves. On the presidential side, as a result of a crisis, our duo suddenly finds themselves as the saviors of the Earth. So how long do you think this will take? Until a wealthy businessman shows up with plans to make a profit on the comet. Moreover, as the apocalypse is approaching step by step, people are divided into those who want to profit from the comet and those who want it to be destroyed immediately, and both sides try to impose their thoughts. The movie takes its name from Don’t Look Up, the movement of those who do not look up and argue that the comet did not come.

Don’t Look Up was extremely entertaining. The movie is a black comedy, satire, but the most striking point while watching is that if a comet is coming that will destroy the Earth, it is likely that similar situations will occur. Of course, although the authorities will take the incident seriously, people’s reaction will be similar. We have also seen in the pandemic process that there will be different reactions, such as those who know that the comet has come, those who deny it, and so on. Don’t Look Up is one of Netflix’s best works of 2021 and you should definitely give it a shot. One last reminder, there are short scenes after the credits, keep watching.

Don’t Look Up 2nd Most Watched Movie

Don’t Look Up surpassed Bird Box to become Netflix’s second most-watched production, placing behind Red Notice.

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