Dracula (2020) Review

Claes Bang (Kont Dracula) – Dracula (2020)
Görsel: Robert Viglasky – BBC/Hartswood Films/Netflix

Bram Stoker
 ‘s Dracula , adapted by Mark Gatiss and  Steven Moffat in partnership with BBC and Netflix , meets the audience once again as a ninety-minute three-episode mini-series.

Ahead of Doctor Who in Sherlock We remember with -imdb ​​from- we looked- Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat created by Dracula , met with the audience on Netflix after the first televised by the BBC.


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Although the production was originally based on Bram Stoker’s work (characters, starting point), Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat put their signatures on the series.

I will continue the article by explaining what happened in the series, which consists of three parts, part by part, which can be considered as minor spoilers.

Spoiler Alert!

There are very slight spoilers.

In the first episode , as the calendar shows the year 1891, Lawyer Jonathan Harker ( John Heffernan ) visits his client Count Dracula ( Claes Bang ) in his castle in Transylvania for business . After many frightening events and Count Dracula looking younger by the day, it doesn’t take long for Jonathan, who goes to investigate the castle, to realize that he is being held captive in the castle. We are watching all these events in a monastery in Hungary , among them Sister Agatha Van Helsing ( Dolly Wells) byJonathan Harker .We understand from the way he told his memories to two nuns. The first episode ends with the bloody encounter of the nuns and Count Dracula .

In the second part, we meet Count Dracula and his snacks, sorry Count Dracula and other passengers on a ship bound for England . If there is a vampire and living people trapped on a ship in the middle of the sea, what will happen is more or less obvious.

In the third part , the color of the work changes. Finally, Count Dracula sets foot in England, which he so desires, and finds state-of-the-art vehicles and a helicopter on top. In fact, this episode could be a stand-alone series. The struggle of a vampire who has come back to life after 123 years with the modern world.

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers are over.

The first episode takes place in a fantastic atmosphere, where the elements of tension and horror are at its peak -compared to the other episodes. In the second episode, we are now familiar with Count Dracula , he continues to surprise us as we think we know what he can do. People playing snatch with a vampire on a ship are also enough to keep the blood pressure high. In the third episode, we encounter a Dracula who, unlike the first two episodes, questions the meaning of his existence, unlike the bloodthirsty Dracula.

if we come to the cast, if we take a look at the main character that directs the series; I think Claes Bang was a great choice as Count Dracula . His acting is just as great. Both Sister Agatha Van Helsing both Zoe Helsingin as Dolly Wells ‘s Jonathan Harker in the role of John Heffernan , Jonathan’s fiancée Mina Murrey role in Morfydd Clark , I guess that descended from Jonathan’s , Jack in the role but also including himself Nicolas Cage ‘ comfort also in youth can play – Matthew Beard v eLucy in the roleWe’re watching Lydia West .

If you ask my personal opinion, the three-part series is definitely one of the productions you should not miss. Yes , we met Count Dracula a lot, it was told in many different ways, okay, but all this should not prevent you from watching the 2020 model Dracula , a co-production of BBC and Netflix . I leave you with the video where the team who reinterpreted the legend shared their impressions. Finally, I would appreciate if you share your comments after watching.

Image: Robert Viglasky – BBC/Hartswood Films/Netflix

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