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Sonja SteenElves (Nisser)
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The Danish production of Elves (Nisser), which was prepared by the creative team of Netflix’s popular series The Rain, was directed by Roni Ezra, while the screenplay was written by Stefan Jaworski.

A deserted island, its mysterious inhabitants and wild creatures living in the forest behind electrified wires. A great choice for the holidays.

Netflix’s Christmas-themed content continues to come. Elves in the horror genre stands out among all these productions. Svanes, an ordinary family of four, consisting of mother Charlotte (Lila Nobel), father Mads (Peder Thomas Pedersen) and children Kasper (Milo Campanale) and Josephine (Sonja Steen), find the opportunity to spend the Christmas holiday amid all the busywork. Arrives on the island of Årmandsø. If we say island, it is a settlement where maximum 10 people live and its connection with civilization is quite disconnected. In fact, only this family comes to the island on the ferry. When they ask for the address of the house, they are told that it is at the other end of the island and they should use the coastal road. Where do you go to an uninhabited island, especially if you are told to take the coastal road? From the middle of the island, using the forest road, of course.

Elves – Official Trailer
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While we follow in this tense atmosphere, our family continues their journey accompanied by songs. Until you hit something. When they get down and look, they see nothing but a black, tar-like liquid in the bumper. Here enters the youngest daughter of the family, Josefine. She immediately enters the roadside plot and sees the tar-like liquid there as well. After the family, the island resident Moller (Rasmus Hammerich) comes and scolds our family a little, telling them that it is private property and they should go. Our family continues on their way, saying, “Oh, let’s not lose our mood,” and they come up with an explanation saying, “We must have entered the pit.” But no matter what, Josefine returns to the scene and finds a wounded, small and cute creature there. He secretly takes this creature home, which they will learn to be an elf, and treats it. What they don’t know is that there is a balance between humans and elves on the island and this family upsets the balance.

What is Elf (Nisse)?

Nisses in Scandinavian folklore, especially associated with winter and Christmas time, are creatures that live secretly on farms and are supposed to protect the farm with their inhabitants. They are short, pointed hat-wearing creatures whose images we know as garden gnomes. It is said that there are creatures that they become quite evil when angry. They are seen as gnomes, goblins, hobgoblins in different cultures. The offspring of the elves in the series fit this description better. When we see them as adults, they are often angry. If you’re wondering more, you can check out the Fandom and Wikipedia pages.

I know the article is short, but the first season of Elves is pretty short. It consists of six 25-minute episodes. That’s why I don’t find it right to tell too much, you can easily watch it one after the other when you start. Netflix’s Christmas themes are distinguished among their productions as a different option with the horror thriller genre. I recommend you to watch. I hope we don’t have to wait a year for the second season.

I would appreciate if you share your views on Elves (Nisser) in the comments.

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