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Image:Daedalic Entertainment

In Jars, a strategy game where puzzle and tower defense elements come together, we embark on adventures in the basement of our house with hand-drawn graphics.


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We help Victor fight the creatures in his basement. We break the shelves in the basement and release the creatures inside. These creatures that come out of the jars can be our friends and minions that we direct, as well as the mischievous ones that attack the chests and similar objects that we are trying to protect. Apart from these, we can obtain items that will help us. We build our defense by cleverly placing the items and minions we have.

There are 3 different modes in the game: “Stairs”, “Shelves” and “Hero”. As you get used to the game on the stairs, the perk system that we can strengthen the minions in the Racks mode comes into play. In the hero mode, we direct a character to break the jars and it has a separate level system where you return to the beginning when you lose.

JARS – Trailer
Daedalic Entertainment / Youtube

As I understand from the introductory part of the game, we continue to learn about Victor‘s story. There seems to be a lot of secrets hiding in the basement. The combinations that can be created with the minion and mischievous -enemy- variety, perks and items are quite diverse, even for the demo version.

Developed by Moustrap Games, Jars is published by Daedalic Entertainment. Jars, will be released for PC and Nintendo Switch on October 20. You can play the demo of the game during Steam Next Fest and add it to your wish list.

Image:Daedalic Entertainment

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