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Image: Airo Games ve Daedalic Entertainment

In Life of Delta, we accompany a small robot named Delta on the adventure of survival and searching for her lost friend, after a war that doomed the world to the apocalypse.


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In the aftermath of the nuclear war in which all humanity was wiped out, only robots and humanoid lizards mutated as a result of nuclear fallout survived. In this post-apocalyptic setting, our little robot Delta is saved from destruction at the last moment by another robot named Joe and brought back to life. However, as a result of this forbidden behavior, Joe is kidnapped by humanoid lizards. Delta embarks on a great adventure to find his friend.

Life of Delta – Announcement Trailer
Daedalic Entertainment / Youtube

Point and click macera oyunu Life of Delta‘da mini oyunlar eşliğinde bulmacaları çözerek hikayeyi devam ettiriyoruz. Demo In the point and click adventure game Life of Delta, we continue the story by solving puzzles accompanied by mini-games. In the short episode in the demo version, we first charge our batteries with a little game, then take the keys and take a small bird with us and go outside. In order to go to another city, we combine the items we find with a high-hanging flag and exchange them for the journey.

The demo is quite short, but according to the information about the game, 25 different levels, 50 different mini-games from producing a spaceship engine to preparing poisonous potions, and many animated cutscenes will be included in the full version. The adventure of Delta is quite intriguing with its cuteness created as a reaction to the brutal atmosphere of the game.

Developed by Airo Games, Life of Delta is published by Daedalic Entertainment. Life of Delta will launch for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Image: Airo Games and Daedalic Entertainment

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