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The science fiction thriller Mother/Android first released on Hulu last December. As of January 7, it will meet its audience on Netflix.

It is a topic that has been talked about for years that robots created to help people will come a moment and rise up against people. People do not see androids as a threat to themselves, relying on Asimov’s three laws of robotics. They treat them badly and make them do the hardest work. But there comes a time when the robots raise the flag of rebellion. Things are no different for Mother/Android, written and directed by Mattson Tomlin. We see that people use artificial intelligence androids as servants in their homes. After a mysterious electromagnetic wave, androids start killing people.

At the center of the story is our young couple Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Sam (Algee Smith). Moreover, our couple is expecting a baby. Learning that she is pregnant on the day this whole robot rebellion started, Georgia is in a state of no idea what to do. While their relationship with Sam is not solid, there is also a baby. At the Christmas party they gather with their friends, everything gets out of hand. Our couple is now together in their struggle to survive.

The survivors, on the other hand, created partially safe areas for themselves with EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bombs in the cities. EMPs, which disable all electronic devices within range when used, are the only barriers that prevent androids from attacking humans. Georgia and Sam, who have almost come to the end of her pregnancy, hear that Korea has taken the families from Boston by ship and are on their way to Boston. On their way, there was an uninhabited zone they had to cross.

I had very high expectations from Mother/Android. However, I did not find what I expected. Before the robot uprising, we see androids being used as domestic servants in two places. Afterwards, very different adroids come out and a blood test is done to detect it from humans.

How many different faces could these androids have been produced with? Even today, there are quite advanced facial recognition systems. Let’s call it okay. There is an action scene that takes place in the jungle. Our couple is going at full speed on the motorcycle and androids are coming out from everywhere. In a way that we could call a zombie if we didn’t know it wasn’t Android. Weren’t these robots cutting edge technology? Is their only difference from us being stronger and more agile? Moreover, our couple enters a safe zone under strict control, there are even those who are not allowed in because they have a platinum on their legs. So how did they get in then? Long story short, Mother/Android comes with lots of mistakes. The movie fails to create the post-apocalyptic atmosphere after the robot rebellion. Mother/Android is an average movie, but with so much choice available to us, Mother/Android falls a bit behind in the list. You can find similar thriller at A Quite Place and Bird Box. If you want android, I can recommend I am Mother and Better Than Us for it.

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