Spacelines from the Far Out – First Look

Are you ready for a crazy adventure in space? With Spacelines from the Far Out, where we manage our own space transportation business, we jump on our ship and go on a journey full of surprises in space with our alien passengers.


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Our space adventure begins at the flight academy. We receive training on many subjects from how to manage a ship by artificial intelligence Arthur-9001 to hosting passengers. After the training session, we take our passengers and set off. There are dozens of situations that we should pay attention to during the journey. To begin with, our ship is equipped with a power supply, rudder, navigation, communication, food vending machine, jet engine and gravity device. We operate the devices with the energy we obtain after starting the power supply, but initially there is 4 units of energy for 5 devices. Fortunately, the gravity device can operate without power. In other devices, we have to balance according to the need. While we determine our direction with the rudder, we detect new passengers with navigation, and meteorites on our way with petrol and maintenance stations. The communication unit is indispensable for communication with stations and passengers. On the other hand, passengers are hungry, they need the toilet and they are bored. Bored passengers, it’s easiest, we quit all our work and dance.

Other things we should pay attention to during the journey are your fuel, damage and malfunctions. It is important to use your fuel sparingly, so you may not be able to go to every passenger you see on the navigation, or you can afford to stay on the road while going to the gas station. In case of malfunctions in the devices during the journey, the task is again taken up and we take the wrench and start the repair. When you’re done, don’t leave your tools lying around, you’ll trip and fall. In case of damage caused by meteor strike, we have to go to the repair station. Watch out for your passengers, they can go bored and turn off gravity. That’s why your passengers can even fly into space. Don’t skip cleaning your ship. Stuck passengers or inspections may upset you. If you do not pay attention to all of these, you may be on the cover of newspapers and return to flight school. If you ask how I can do this alone, Spacelines from the Far Out offers online co-op for up to 4 players. You can be number one in space tourism with your friends.

Spacelines from the Far Out is developed by Coffeenauts and will release for PC (Steam and Epic Games) and Xbox One on November 4, 2021. I love the visuals of the game. You can say that the characters and interfaces fascinated me. You should definitely take a look. You can get the demo of the game within the scope of Steam Next Fest and add it to your wish list.

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