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Cush JumboStay Close
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As a result of Netflix’s agreement with Harlan Coben, the works of the author continue to be adapted to the screen one by one. Gone for Good, The Innocent, Safe, The Woods, The Stranger and finally, Stay Close.

From the outside, Megan (Cush Jumbo) seems to have a happy family and an ideal life with her husband and children. In fact, the couple, who postponed their marriage for 17 years, is preparing for the wedding. This happy family picture continues until Megan returns home after her bachelorette farewell and finds an envelope that says “Cassie” on it.

Leaving Megan with her own fear and anxiety, we turn to detective Michael Broome (James Nesbitt). Detective Broome reluctantly takes on Carlton Flynn‘s missing investigation. However, after doing some research, he suspects that this may be related to a case he couldn’t solve in the past and expands the investigation.

Photographer Ray Levine (Richard Armitage), who works as a fake paparazzi, is hijacked by being shot in the head and has his camera stolen. What binds these three unrelated people together is their past. Long-hidden truths that will change their lives and those around them begin to emerge one by one.

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We watched The Stranger almost this time last year. Harlan Coben novels are adapted by different production companies in different countries, but The Stranger and Stay Close are produced by Red Production Company. A mini-series of 8 episodes, averaging 45 minutes, like The Stranger on Stay Close.

I watched Stay Close with curiosity until the very last minute and it was difficult at times to predict the course of events. Okay, coincidences seem a bit forced. The paths of unrelated characters somehow cross. Very short, non-spoiler, it’s connected to the disappearance of Megan’s daughter, Carlton Flynn. In addition, this disappearance case is remotely connected with everyone in the series. This situation may seem a bit boring, but coincidences happen after a logical process and when you question whether it really can happen, you say why not. In conclusion, Stay Close is an unmissable production that I can recommend you to watch, especially for those who love the genre. I don’t want to end the article without mentioning it, if there is a spin off for Barbie (Poppy Gilbert) and Ken (Hyoie O’Grady), it would be watched.

Directors: Lindy Heymann, Daniel O’Hara
Screenplay: Daniel Brocklehurst, Victoria Asare-Archer, Charlotte Coben, Mick Ford, Harlan Coben (novel)
Stars: Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish […]

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