The Irregulars Season 1 Review

Harrison Osterfield, Thadde Graham, Darci Shaw, McKell David, Royce Pierreson, Jojo MacariThe Irregulars
Image: Matt Squire/Netflix

After the success of Enola Holmes , etflix adds a new one to its Sherlock Holmes adaptations with The Irregulars . Created by Tom Bidwell, the series is inspired in the works of Arthur Conan Doyle from The Baker Street Irregulars, a gang of street kids who occasionally helped Sherlock Holmes with his cases.


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The orphan Bee ( Thad Graham ), her brother Jessie ( Darci Shaw ), Spike ( McKellen David ) and Billy ( Jojo Macari ) are almost became family to each other. The lives of friends living in a cellar right across from 221B are turned upside down when John Watson ( Royce Pierreson ) asks for their help in a case. Soon, upper-class Leopold ( Harrison Osterfield ) joins his group of friends .

Reluctantly accepting the offer because of their need for money, the boys track down the mysteriously stolen dolls and find themselves in the middle of a series of extraordinary events in Victorian London. It makes things even more difficult when they learn that the cause of all these supernatural events is a rift between the world of the dead and the world of the living. Now they must find the rift and close it before the barrier separating the two worlds collapses. What’s more, Jessie ‘s weird nightmares escalate, while her special ability makes her a target for everyone. Sherlock ? His condition is not very good. Struggling with addiction, exhausted. The Sherlock Holmes we are used to (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) there is no trace of intelligence, arrogance. Maybe there is some?

While talking about the series , it is necessary to mention The Irregulars , the children, rather than Sherlock . This is their story, their adventure. However, since the events take place in the Sherlock Holmes universe, it is impossible not to mention it or compare it with the original version and other adaptations, even though it is in the background. Sherlock Holmes has appeared in many forms, but as a fantastic production, The Irregulars differs from other productions at this point. Although the cases that Sherlock Holmes solves are extraordinary, they come to conclusions that can be explained logically. However, in The Irregulars , there is a Sherlock trying to communicate with the world of the dead.we have before us. In this respect, it has become a Sherlock a little closer to its creator, Arthur Conan Doyle . He had a lot of interest and work in this field. This may upset his fans, but you should start by knowing that you will encounter such a Sherlock . There are differences not only in Sherlock, but also in characters such as Watson , Mycroft ( Jonjo O’Neill ), Lestrade ( Aidan McArdle ), who appeared in previous adaptations.

You should definitely give The Irregulars a chance , which received the second season approval before the first season aired . It is similar to the Sherlock Holmes stories we are used to, but so different. I am very excited for the second season. Although I would like to see the past adventures of Sherlock and Watson , in the second season , the Irregulars will most likely embark on all kinds of adventures after Watson .

Image: Matt Squire/Netflix

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