The Lost Pirate Kingdom Review

The Lost Pirate Kingdom,  against pirates in the 18th century of our emerging in different ways in different years, making the Caribbean until it tells the real story.


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While the War of Spanish Succession continues in Europe, on the other hand , with the discovery of the New World , after Spain , England struggles to exist in the Caribbean, which is the gateway to this new world. However, because he did not have enough money to support the navy on one side of the world, England made a deal with specially licensed sailors to attack enemy ships. Pirates.

After the war, which resulted in England’s victory, the parties declared peace and the special permission sailors suddenly found themselves in the corner. From this moment begins the period called the Golden Age of Piracy in history .

Pirate Lost Kingdom ‘s ( The Lost Pirate Kingdom ) at the peak of the Golden Age of Piracy, then turned to force to release the fear of war in the Caribbean; It tells the story of known pirates of the era, such as Benjamin Hornigold ( Sam Callis ), Henry Jennings ( Mark Gillis ), Charles Vane ( Tom Padley ), Edward Thatch ( James Oliver Wheatley ), Samuel Bellamy ( Evan Milton ), Anne Bonney ( Mia Tomlinson ). So much so that NassauThey even set up a settlement in . where their own rules apply and open to all pirates.

In the production, where the story is told in a very fluent and exciting way, narrators who are experts in their fields accompany the story. In places, the effects stand out and many repetitive scenes are used, but this is negligible. So at least for me. If you are interested in the seas, pirates and history, you should not skip watching.

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