The One Season 1 Review

What would you do if you were guaranteed to find your perfect match, the love of your life, as a result of the DNA test? The One gives you that chance.

Created by Howard Overman ( Misfits , War of the Wolds ) based on the novel of the same name by John Marrs , The One centers around a company that matches people with their perfectly matched partners through DNA testing.


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What would you do if you were told that you could find a perfect match with just one strand of hair? What if your spouse, whom you will find as a result of the application, is married or a psychopathic murderer? What if you had a wonderful relationship established in normal ways, but such a practice made it clear that you or your partner might have a better partner out there? If The One brought up all these questions as well as all these questions, what would you do to protect your success, wealth and power? seeks an answer.

James Whitting ( Dimitri Leonidas ) and his ambitious friend Rebecca Webb ( Hannah Ware ), who are conducting research on the relevance of the interaction of ants with each other, and their genetic characteristics, go over the idea that this may also apply to humans, and The One emerges. Now you can find true love as a result of DNA testing. We come across Rebecca Webb while giving such a speech. She tells that her parents are constantly arguing, and that she is tired of mediocre relationships, and then declares that she has found true love and invites Ethan ( Wilf Scolding ) to the stage.

Rebecca becomes a reckless, powerful executive who runs a billion-dollar company, while James walks away from the company and leads a quiet life in the countryside. At least that ‘s how it goes until the body of Rebecca ‘s former roommate, the duo’s close friend, Ben Naser ( Amir El-Masry ), is found in the Thames . As if this weren’t enough, the internal conflicts and the opinions that The One increased the divorce rates and destroyed the families are also increasing. The secrets of the duo’s and the company’s past begin to emerge one by one.

Detective Kate Saunders ( Zoë Tapper ) investigating Ben ‘s death , on the one hand, declares Rebecca and James suspicious, on the other hand, can not stop herself from trying The One and is paired with Sophia ( Jana Pérez ). Living in Spain Sophie , Kate, ‘I see for London ‘ or so when it comes to jobs , Kate ‘s do not go as hoped.

And then there’s Mark ( Eric Kofi-Abrefa ) and Hannah ( Lois Chimimba ). Hannah , who finds each other without any test or practice, suspects if there is another spouse for Mark and joins The One on his behalf . Before long, Megan ( Pallavi Sharda ) enters their lives .

The thought of The One is very exciting, but besides its positive effects on people’s lives, it also causes many problems. While the series tries to touch on every positive and negative aspect of the application, it also adds murder and shifts the production from science fiction to detective.

The biggest problem with The One , which consists of eight episodes, is that it reveals everything too early. We know all the hidden secrets, but the characters struggle throughout the season to uncover them. Despite this, I watched The One with liking. A good ground was prepared for the second season and many issues were left to a new season, but if a new season is not approved, it seems that we will be left with what we watch.

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