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After the success of Squid Game, Netflix‘s Korean content continues to arrive without slowing down. After Hellbound, Netflix is now bringing the science fiction thriller The Silent Sea to its audience.

Adapted from the 2014 short film The Sea of Tranquility written and directed by the director of the series, Choi Hang-Yong, The Silent Sea takes place in the near future, where drought reaches its peak and water is distributed in certain amounts. While humanity is grappling with a drought and famine, states are seeking different solutions to this problem. The South Korean government sends a special group to the Balhae Lunar Research Center on the Moon to collect a sample, which they hope will solve all these problems. The team has 24 hours to collect the sample from Balhae Station, where all its personnel died due to a radioactive leak five years ago.

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The team, led by Han Yun-Jae (Gong Yoo), will be accompanied by astrobiologist Doctor Song Ji-an (Bae Doona) to ensure the safety of the samples. Doctor Song Ji-an is also the sister of Balhae Station‘s principal investigator, who was among the casualties in the crash. The mission in this secrecy continues with the space shuttle going out of control, crashing into the Moon’s surface, and the spacecraft falling off the cliff after the crew rescued themselves. The team struggles to survive as they try to reach the spaceport with limited oxygen. Things start to get out of hand when they arrive in Balhae and realize that the facility is showing no signs of radioactive leaks.

The Silent Sea was one of the productions I was looking forward to. It was really worth the wait. As long as the climate crisis continues like this, it seems that the future of us will not be different from the future depicted in The Silent Sea. And yes, when things get to that point, maybe our only remedy will be a sample we hope to find from space. Going back to The Silent Sea, I’m sure we’ll find minor logic errors when we search. On the subject of tension, it is enough for me to talk about an abandoned station in space. Moreover, nothing is properly known about this station, except that hundreds of people lost their lives here.

Spoiler Alert!

This part of the article contains many spoilers.

I’m splitting the article here with spoilers. As I read the comments about the series, I saw that there were some things that were stuck in the minds of the viewers, and I intend to briefly explain them.

What is going on at Balhae Station? What is the sample at Balhae Station? What is moon water?

The samples the team was sent to retrieve were Moon Water. Balhae is a facility established to study lunar water. It can multiply in a certain amount when it comes into contact with a living organism. However, it destroys the living organism (humans) it comes in contact with. They are looking for a solution to this problem with a number of experiments in Balhae.

Who is Luna, creature from Balhae?

It’s time to use human subjects in experiments on moon water at Balhae Station. Luna is the general name of the clones created for experimentation at this station. Luna, who appears in the series, is Luna 073. That is, the 73rd subject. Mutating as a result of exposure to moonwater, she is not only immune to moonwater, but also has exceptional agility and strength, the ability to heal quickly, and a type of gill. Also, as we saw in the finale, she can roam the Moon’s surface unprotected. Moreover, as a result of his bite, she gave Doctor Song immunity to moonwater. Doctor Song, fearing that Luna would be subjected to constant experiments on Earth, decided to take her to the orbiting station of the International Institute of Space Biology to allow lunar water to benefit the entire Earth equally.

What is RX?

There were those on the team trying to sabotage the mission and steal samples. They are a transnational company that is not affiliated with any country, nation, called RX. So much so that they can easily go to and from the Moon, and Balhae is an extremely interesting place for them.

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers end here.

The Silent Sea is a completely average production. It’s sure to make sci-fi fans watch it. I’m not sure if a second season will come. Even though the series wasn’t confirmed for a second season, the story is nicely concluded. I think the second season will be decided according to the first season’s performance.

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